Search Quickly On Your MAC With Google Quick Search Box(QSB)

Written By Sam on 10 June 2009

Google is very popularly known for its search engine. Daily many people visit to search for their required data. To make your life easy Google came up with Google Desktop for MAC two years ago and the developer preview of it was launched recently. Today Google has officially released the Google Quick Search Box(QSB).


Google Quick Search Box helps you to search information from anywhere. As you type, suggestions will appear according to your query which ranges from applications and files on your computer to your browser history. Now after you have finished your search, you should be able to do something with data. You must be thinking what you can do with it. Well after you completed your search you can press the tab key or the right arrow of the keyboard and you will have the options like playing a song, emailing the URL etc.

By Pushing Control + Spacebar at the same time you can launch Google Quick Search Box. The more you use Google Quick Search Box, the better results you get from it as it will learn which results you are looking for. Google Quick Search Box is extensible. Anyone can create a plug-in for QSB to search for additional data/info and can perform more actions. We can even send Tweets from the QSB. All the Google desktop users can download Google Quick Search Box for additional functions and you can even learn more about Google QSB. Google Quick Search Box is free, open source, and requires OS X 10.5 or higher.

Download Google Quick Search Box

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