Downloader Available for Download; Enables Easy Music Download From Grooveshark

Written By Sam on 11 October 2010

Grooveshark is the new buzzword among music enthusiasts. Developed by SciLor, it is a free service that enables users to access and play songs of their choice directly from the Grooveshark website. The upside is it does not require any login or registraion. All you need to do is visit the homepage, enter a song or artist into the search field and select songs that you would like to listen to.

There are Grooveshark accounts with advanced features including favorites and custom playlists, all available without registration. Users also have the option to tune into a radio station. The latest SciLor offering is the Downloader, a freeware program that will enable users to download your favourite music. You can enter a song, an artist or album into the search field and hit the search button. It is reported that a maximum of 200 songs will be retrieved from Grooveshark all arranged in lists. You can select songs from these lists and added them to the download list. The platform also displays 500 popular songs from Grooveshark.

The Downloader is available for download at SciLor’s official site and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows OS.

Meanwhile, the developer has informed:

“I am currently porting my .net Grooveshark(tm).com API to java.
Just the first steps are done, I may be ready in a week I hope.

What does it mean for you? Maybe a downloader/player for all java supporting platforms AND THAT INCLUDES ANDROID.”

Download Downloader

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  1. Reese says:

    I’ve been using lately Audials Tunebite to save music streaming from Grooveshark to mp3 songs:

    Works pretty good as a Grooveshark downloader.

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