Restore Deleted Files From USB Drives, Hard Disks and Flash Drives With Restore Deleted Files Now

Written By Sam on 14 August 2010

Accidentally deleted a file using the SHIFT+DELETE keys, only to realize that it was a much needed file? Now don’t lose sleep over it as you can restore deleted files from your hard disk or even for that matter, from your Pen drive or USB drives. This is made possible by a freeware tool called “Restore Deleted Files Now”. Regardless of whether you lost your much needed files due to accidental deletion, formatting, system crash or a drive crash, you can retrieve the files.

Wondering how this is possible? Well it is simple. When you delete any file on your hard drive or removable drives or format your hard drive, Windows does not “actually” delete them. Well, what we mean to say is that Windows does not overwrite the space immediately and this leaves us with a strong chance to recover deleted files. This freeware tools can restore deleted files on FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS (NTFS 3, NTFS 4, NTFS 5) file systems.

An option ”Scan” detects, within minutes, all the deleted files on the hard drive, removable drives, USB-flash drives, memory sticks, flash memory cards, picture cards, etc. It enlists the deleted files. Another option “Restore” allows you to restore selected deleted files with their original names. There is also an option to restore the deleted files with original path. However, if the file has been overwritten partially, this tool will attempt to restore the content, partially. Restore Deleted Files Now cannot restore files with extensions JPG, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Also, if you have deleted files using another tool “Delete Files Permanently”, it will be impossible to restore deleted files.

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