Spoof or Change Mac Address in Windows With Mac MakeUp [Freeware Download]

Written By Sam on 1 August 2010

There may be times when you may want to change MAC Address on your Windows to test something or spoof your identity. It is not a direct process to change the MAC address but you can accomplish that with a Freeware called Mac MakeUp. Mac MakeUp is a simple and freeware tool for changing Mac Address on Windows 7, Vista and XP. This freeware enables you to Spoof Address of the network interface controller (NIC) on your Windows PC.

With Mac MakeUp you can change or spoof MAC Address in just 3 easy steps – Select the adapter, type the new MAC or delete the current one and finally disable or enable the adapter. This will be very useful in situations where your IP address is tied with your MAC address.

Features of Mac Makeup

  • Enable routing features and address mask reply (ICMP)
  • Allow user raw access to sockets
  • Accept ICMP Redirect
  • Disable hw acceleration
  • Enable selective acknowledge (SACK)
  • Max number of TCP connections and user port
  • Default TTL
  • Multicast support

Download Mac Makeup

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