[Download] Reeder RSS Client For Google Reader Available For iPad

Written By Sam on 14 June 2010

Most awaited application for iPad, Reeder has hit the App store. Yes! You heard it right; upsized version of the popular Reeder application of iPhones is now available for mighty device as well. iPad users can comfortably access and rejoice all the features of this application on their iDevice. For those unaware of Reeder, it is an RSS reader application that syncs the iDevice with your Google Reader account.

With clear and muddle-free interface, Reeder allows users to sync as well as choose feeds or folders full of feeds at an ease. Reeder App enables users to view these feeds in three possible views – starred, unread, and no filter and this app utilizes the iPad pinch feature for opening and viewing the individual feeds.

Though, there are many RSS reader applications available for iPad, Reeder app stands out with its amazing features and attractive looks. Upon launching the application, Reeder provides users with a “dashboard” screen that includes stacked Google Reader folders and a control bar on the left. Users are also provided with Sync button that enables users to easily sync with Google Reader. Reeder not only allows users to send articles to Twitter, Delicious, Pinboard, Instapaper Mobilizer or Read It Later but also allows them to share the link of their article open in Safari.

With lot more to add in, Reeder app can be downloaded from App Store for a price of $4.99.

Download Reeder [iTunes Link]

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