Access Your Files, Calendar, Web Apps and Mail Anywhere With MySkyTop

Written By Sam on 7 November 2009

When you work on multiple computers at multiple locations it would be difficult to carry all your data and keep them in Sync. It would be better to use Web Apps which can be used on any computer that is connected to the Internet. MySkyTop is one such freeware where you can sign up and have access to your personal web-based desktop environment. Moreover you can also download the source code and use SkyTop on your own personal server in your environment.


MySkyTop is an open source web desktop, or kind of webOS that gives you a portable, online desktop that can be accessed anywhere in the world and your selected documents, photos, videos, newsfeeds, bookmarks and many more are available with ease. With MySkyTop you can carry all of your personal files around with you on your own virtual cloud and access them from any internet-enabled device in the world. You can even have a personalized desktop with your essential applications available in a matter of seconds, all of which are made available with the use of a commonly-found web browser.

MySkyTop has got a fully-featured Microsoft compatible word processor which makes it easy for you to create and edit documents on-the-go. The calendar feature helps you to access your datebook from anywhere. You can also check and send mails from your mailbox quickly, easily and securely with Mail.

Download MySkyTop for Windows and Mac

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    Very cool! I love it!

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