ExposureRoom Html 5 Video Player With Support For All Major Browsers

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

ExposureRoom has unveiled an HTML 5 Video Player that is compatible with all major Web browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. In addition to desktop players, the ExposureRoom Html 5 video player is also compatible with mobile devices based on Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS based iPhone and iPad. The company claims that compared to flash player-based video players, HTML 5 offers improved performance.

The company is also upbeat about the some of the features of this player that is claimed to have undergone extensive performance testing. Some such features are:

  • Skip ahead: The feature is self-explanatory. It allows a user to jump through the video stream to view a bit that has not been downloaded to that point yet. The company informed that much like streaming video behaviour, the Html 5 video player uses pseudo streaming for this feature.
  • Change version while playing: The player allows the flexibility to change the version of the video (Low, Medium, HD) even while a video is playing.
  • Full screen: The player comes with a full-screen mode. However, this feature is not supported by all browsers.
  • Theme support: The ability to change the color theme of the player as you can see on the demo page.
  • Built-in Share/Embed options: The player itself will surface the options to share and embed.

Watch ExposureRoom Html 5 Video Player Demo – http://exposureroom.com/html5/

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