IPL Fans Get 2Mbps Free Broadband Speed Upgrade From Airtel

Written By Sam on 13 March 2010

Here’s a great news for all those IPL fans over there! Airtel Broadband is now offering a free upgradation of the broadband plan to a speed of 2 Mbps, thus enabling all its customers to watch their favorite IPL T20 tournament at higher speeds and without any abruptions.

If you are hardcore IPL fans fed up of buffering and streaming the web videos, then this upgradation is the best option for you. Airtel will not charge any fee for upgrading your existing plan to 2 Mbps and once the duration of the tournament is completed you will be automatically switched back to your previous plan. However, the data transfer limit will still be governed in your broadband tariff plan, which might not be that cheap if you have a limited data transfer plan, so better watch out before upgrading. This higher Internet speed will only work on the IPL YouTube channel YouTube.com/ipl from 12th March to 25th April, and all other videos in YouTube as well as other sites will work on the current plan speeds.

Though the YouTube video player for the live-stream includes impressive features such as switching camera angles and Picture in Picture (PIP), the video streaming comes with slow speeds and low volumes. Watching the tournament in televisions will be more fun rather than in these video streams, however one can enjoy watching the highlights of the matches through the YouTube videos.

Airtel 2Mbps Broadband for YouTube IPL Channel Notes

  • The 2 Mbps speed is an automatic upgrade , only applicable for www.youtube.com/ipl
  • For all others site customers will get their current plan speeds.
  • While there is no charge for 2Mbps upgrade , Streaming on youtube will be considered as part of data transfer limits of your current broadband tariff plan.
  • The 2 Mbps bandwidth is not guaranteed all the time and is dependent of traffic. Our endeavor is to provide 2 Mbps on best effort basis.
  • Upgraded speed of 2 Mbps applicable only for live cricket streaming on youtube.com/ipl page and not for other YouTube content.

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  1. This is a good steps taken by IPL and youtube to entertain users and specially for people who have only Internet as a entertainment solution with them…
    Most important thing is Airtel is giving 2MBps speed for smooth watching of IPL πŸ™‚

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