Geohot Has an Untethered iBoot-Level Exploit Up His Sleeve; Can Help to Pwn Future iOS Devices for Life

Written By Sam on 20 October 2010

Many had wondered why George Hotz, aka GeoHot used a userland exploit from Comex to make Limera1n untethered. As it turns out, GeoHot wanted to save his untethered version of bootrom exploit, which we hear is more potent than the exploit used in Limera1n. Reports of GeoHot being in possession of a new untethered bootrom level exploit has got the jailbreaking folks excited, more so because the grapevine also suggests the exploit can be used to PWN future iOS devices for life, including the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2G. So it looks like iPhone 5 Jailbreaking tools and iPad 2 Jailbreaking tools will be released the very next minute the products are released to the market.

Confirmation on the report comes from Twitter messages of Comex and MuscleNerd themselves:

Comex: @esemede he would have implemented his own untether, but that would be wasting an exploit

MuscleNerd: (translating that retweet of @comex: geohot has an iboot-level untethered exploit but held it back to conserve exploits)

The jailbreak community has reason to rejoice, what with Comex’s userland-based hacks, Chronic Dev Team’s SHAtter, and now GeoHot’s untethered bootrom exploit starting off what looks like a formidable line-up of exploits waiting to be instrumental in jailbreaking future iDevices.

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