Download Google Chrome for Mac With Extensions Support and Bookmark Sync

Written By Sam on 12 February 2010

The new beta release of Chrome for Mac has got very interesting features which include extensions, bookmark sync and many more. Since last December many features are added to Chrome for Mac, but the best feature is the support for extensions.

This new version allows you to install 2200+ chrome extensions which are currently available in Chrome’s extensions gallery. These extensions can be managed by clicking on the Window menu and choosing “Extensions”. Extensions would add useful, informative, fun and quirky functionality to the browser which allows a snappy, safe and simple browsing experience on the Mac. The following video will give you a brief tour of Chrome on the Mac. For those who use several computers can now keep your bookmarks synchronized between them.

Bookmark Sync works in Chrome for Linux and Windows too. Bookmark and cookie managers have been added in a way that feels completely at home on the Mac. The task manager helps you to keep tabs on all of your tabs for the technically-oriented users. Try out these new features by downloading the Google Chrome Beta for Mac and the existing users can automatically update it.

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