Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia Executive Disparages Android Phone

Written By Sam on 25 September 2010

Perhaps you may not have heard of Anssi Vanjoki, but he is a big name in Nokia. He is an outgoing top executive in Nokia in charge of the Mobile unit. He recently made a statement that made headlines in the Techworld when he uttered some thought evoking and lucid words that would make any Nokia fan boy proud. According to the Financial Times, Vanjoki was supposed to have said that manufacturers who use Android are like Finnish boys who “pee in their pants” for warmth in the winter.

The rationale behind his reasoning was that in the short while, Android was like a panacea, a first aid to soothe the wounds of many phone manufacturers that have adopted it. But then in the long run, the Android OS would ultimately hurt their brands because users are reasoned to buy phone for the OS as well as the brand and not only just the brand. As a result, the manufacturers’ phone would be lumped up with other manufacturers who make Android, and in the end, users may be unable to differentiate the chaff from the wheat, leading ultimately to failure in the long term.

Though this line of argument holds some truth, it also has a lot of holes. First of all, Android is not just going to die tomorrow. It is a strong and viable platform. With all the forecast on the growth of Android so far, it may not be too hard to reason that it may catch up with Symbian and probably overtake it someday. Android has recently beaten Windows mobile as the third platform in sales in the US. Also, using Android as the major OS for a device manufacturer (just as Motorola is doing) does not necessarily spell doom for the company in the long run. All Motorola or any company using Android need to do is to produce stellar products with proper positioning, and they will make it.

One may feel that Nokia’s outgoing exec may wish to draw people away from the fact that there is a delay in Nokia N8 shipping. The Nokia N8 was supposed to be delivered to people who pre-ordered it on September 2010 and now the date has been shifted to October 2010. Perhaps this is actually the truth and no matter what Nokia tries to do to spin an elaborate explanation, the fact still remains that there is a delay in the Nokia N8 shipment.

And by the way, Symbian ^3, and MeeGo are capable OS from Nokia. I do not believe that Nokia should jump sail or just “romance” with Android. I love that there is a lot of competition and choices to make in the Smartphone OS arena. Nevertheless, this analogy by Nokia from Android VeePee doesn’t hold water in any way.

This is a Guest Post by Ovie Albert

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