Convert DMG, NRG, IMG, BIN, MDF to ISO Disk Image With ISOBuddy Converter

Written By Sam on 3 July 2010

ISOBuddy is a freeware application which will allow you to convert multiple disk image formats to ISO image format. ISOBuddy is a very user friendly ISO image file processing tool that converts almost any image file format to ISO. ISOBuddy can be used to convert GI, NRG, CDI, MDF, IMG, B5I, B6I, DMG, PDI, BIN and CCD to ISO image. Moreover you can also erase CD/DVD and burn ISO image files to CD/DVD.

Image Formats Supported by ISOBuddy

  • Roxio Global Image (gi)
  • Nero Image (nrg)
  • Padus Discjuggler Image (cdi)
  • Alcohol 120% Image (mdf)
  • IMG Image (img)
  • Blindwrite (Old) Image (b5i, b6i)
  • Macintosh Image (dmg)
  • Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Image (pdi)
  • CDRWin Image (bin)
  • CloneCD Image (ccd)

You can use ISOBuddy to convert GI to ISO, NRG to ISO, CDI to ISO, MDF to ISO, IMG to ISO, B5I to ISO, B6I to ISO, DMG to ISO, PDI to ISO, BIN to ISO and CCD to ISO.

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