Convert DMG, ISO & CDR Images on Your Mac With DMGConverter

Written By Sam on 23 May 2009

DMGConverter is a Free and easy to use Disk Image create and convert tool for MAC. With DMGConverter you can easily create a new image from folder, convert an existing image to other supported formats or to a segment image, resize existing read/write images, verify their checksum and much more.


DMGConverter aids you in creating disk images for many formats like Sparse Disk Image, Read/Write Disk Image, ADC compressed Disk Image, zlib compressed Disk Image, bzip2 compressed Disk Image (MAC OS 10.4 or later), DVD/CD master Disk Image (.cdr), ISO9660 Disk Image (ISO9660, Joliet)(.iso), UDF filesystem (.iso), Cross-platform Hybrid Images (.iso) and more. DMGConverter supports different kinds of volume formats such as Mac OS Extended, Journaled Mac OS Extended, UNIX File System, FAT16 and FAT32, Universal Disk Format (UDF) (MAC OS 10.5 or later) and Mac OS Standard (MAC OS 10.5 or later).

DMGConverter has got a very simple interface with drag & drop functionality. There are really good number of features to make your life easier. You can also split an existing image either by using a segment size or by defining the number of pieces. Strong AES 128-bit encryption can also be used while creating images. Totally DMGConverter looks like a must have tool for every power user.

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