Download Xinorbis Hard Disk Analyzer To Analyze Hard Disk Content [Freeware]

Written By Sam on 26 July 2010

Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk analyzer which can be used to get information about your hard drive content. Xinorbis uses a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables, tree displays and gives you a complete overview of the contents of a hard disk, folder, removable or network drive. Xinorbis makes it easy for you to see the contents, structure and file distribution and file composition of a whole hard disk, directory, or mapped network drive. Includes full report creation.

Features of Xinorbis Hard Disk Analyzer

  • Analyze single drive, folder or merge several together in one report
  • View results by file type, attributes, size, user (owner) and date
  • Folder History feature allows you to compare the contents of a folder or drive at times and dates
  • In-built powerful search engine
  • Find duplicate files by name and size
  • Complex report generation with export to HTML, ASCII, CSV or XML
  • Save reports and tables for later comparison or for inclusion in other documents
  • Shell support, scan a directory through Windows Explorer

Download Xinorbis

2 Responses to “Download Xinorbis Hard Disk Analyzer To Analyze Hard Disk Content [Freeware]”

  1. ha14 says:

    The report generated with Xinorbis gives nice graphs of details and the softmaker is very reponsive to updates.

  2. […] Xinorbis lassen sich komplette Festplatten analysieren, aber auch einzelne Ordner können unter die Lupe genommen werden. Das Freeware-Tool erstellt Tabellen oder Diagramme, um die […]

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