Send Gmail To-Do Lists as Email With “Email task list” Feature

Written By Sam on 22 August 2009

Gmail Tasks is one important thing in Gmail that I always love to use. Gmail has added a new feature which will allow you to email your task list. With this feature all your tasks which includes information like due dates, and any completed tasks are show up as being crossed out can be emailed very easily. Gmail Tasks were introduced way back in December 08 at Gmail Labs. Tasks were graduated from Gmail labs in July ’09.


You can access Tasks in Gmail, just by clicking “Tasks” under the “Contacts” link above your chat list. When you want to email your Gmail task list just head over to “Actions” Menu present in the bottom of the Tasks pane and click “Email task list“. After you click that a new email message will be created which includes your list title as the message subject. Though this feature seems simple enough this would be very helpful to many people including me.

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